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May 11

classyraptor said: 

Im jumping around at the fact that you can actually ride pokemon now too! And there are multiple versions of each trainer, so you arent subjected to one hair type and all that. This is seriously going to be the best pokemon game ever

ahhhhh i knowwww i can’t wait!!!

im guessing they will determine what pokemon you can ride by a pretty specific body type…. still, if they made venusaur ride-able my life would truly be complete…

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    Ummm not to spoil fun guys but you were allowed to ride Pokemon since red and blue
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  3. nikittypaprika said: a rideable venusaur would be amazing!
  4. azbot said: gushing over these leaks aaa. also i don’t wanna burst your bubble but it was mentioned somewhere that the goat is only ride-able in one city, so it could just be a one-off gimmick. FINGERS CROSSED FOR RIDING LUMBERING VENUSAURS AND TORTERRAS THOUGH
  5. classyraptor said: Seeing how you can ride on them….I wonder what’s in store for the whole flying with pokemon aspect of the game? Holy heck…the POSSIBILITIES !!!
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